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Date, history, subject, and importance of World Diabetes Day 2022

by Medically Speaking Team

Every year on November 14, people throughout the world observe World Diabetes Day to promote awareness of the health dangers that diabetes poses and how to avoid them. Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best, two renowned scientists, are honoured on this day for their vital contributions to the development of insulin.

The major goal of World Diabetes Day, however, is to raise public awareness of the hazards of diabetes, present problems, and the best ways to solve them in order to provide modern treatment that is sustainable.

Date and history of World Diabetes Day 2022:

World Diabetes Day is marked yearly on November 14 to promote awareness of the chronic disease’s ramifications. The International Diabetes Federation founded the day in 1991 with the backing of the World Health Organization, and it was designated as a United Nations holiday in 2006.

Theme for World Diabetes Day 2022:
Between the years 2021 and 2023, the subject of World Diabetes Day will be “Access to Diabetes Care.”

The Importance of World Diabetes Day 2022:
The major purpose of this day is to raise worldwide diabetes awareness through campaigns viewed by over 1 billion people. It also supports IDF advocacy efforts throughout the year. It contributes to understanding the relevance of taking concerted action to combat diabetes.

A UN Resolution in 2007 established the blue circle logo for World Diabetes Day. This emblem, which acts as a symbol of diabetes awareness, unites the diabetes community worldwide.

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