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WHO warns about rise in covid cases in many countries due to dangerous “Double Effect”

by Pragati Singh

According to Dr. Mike Ryan, Exd, WHO health emergency project,

COVID-19 is on the rise in many countries, and with the high Omicron transmissibility being observed throughout the world, there might be a disastrous “double impact” of opening up too rapidly.

According to Dr. Ryan, the reproductive (R-number) number has climbed over one in several nations, indicating that effective transmission has resumed. However, in nations with high levels of vaccination, particularly among disadvantaged people, we have seen a sustained decoupling of that high incidence from pressure on the health system, high rates of hospital admission, and high rates of mortality.”

“You will have that bounce in transmission when you open up as rapidly as some countries have.” When you combine it with the greater transmissibility of BA.2, you have a twofold impact. “Vaccination of the most vulnerable individuals does not inevitably result in a major rise in demand on the health system in all of those nations,” he stated.

He also stated that it has no effect on mortality rates. “Good surveillance and tracking are connected to prevention and protection actions.” Dr. Ryan further stated that vaccination has a dual impact in that it both saves lives and preserves healthcare systems.

A new variation that is worse than Omicron:

England’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, has stated that there is still a long way to go until the globe is free of COVID. He also predicts that COVID-19 will be around indefinitely and will pose a comparable fatality danger to flu.

On the other hand, many other specialists, on the other hand, have attempted to assuage concerns about COVID by claiming that it would now just transform into a mild cold-causing infection. Whitty stated that when COVID progresses from pandemic to endemic status, the virus will become “less dominant.” He also stated that it is premature to believe that COVID has achieved a “stable condition.”

At a public health conference hosted by the Local Government Association, according to the Daily Mail, Whitty stated, “We might end up with a new variation that generates bigger difficulties than we have with Omicron, and the Omicron concerns are by no means insignificant.”

Omicron+Delta recombinant virus:

The Delta + Omicron recombinant virus is a coronavirus hybrid that combines genes from the Delta and Omicron types. With both Omicron and Delta COVID variants spreading fast, recombinants were predicted, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), following the discovery of the first substantial evidence of a combination virus (Omicron and Delta).

Officials from the WHO also stated that “when we allow the virus to circulate at a high level, it continues to mutate and more varieties are predicted.” Another recombinant COVID strain was recently discovered in Israel, which combined Omicron BA.1 and BA.2.


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