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Total COVID-19 immunisation coverage in India has reached 194.57 million people

by Pragati Singh

On Wednesday, India’s COVID-19 immunisation coverage reached 194.57 crore (1,94,57,68,383).
Until 7 p.m. today, more than 13 lakh (13,31,833) vaccine doses have been delivered, according to the health ministry. The daily immunisation number is anticipated to rise once final reports for the day are compiled by late tonight. According to central government statistics, the vaccination effort as a measure to protect the country’s most susceptible population groups from COVID-19 is still being assessed and monitored on a regular basis at the highest level.
The Union Government is dedicated to speeding up and broadening the scope of COVID-19 immunisation across the country. The national COVID-19 vaccine campaign began on January 16, 2021.

The next phase of COVID-19 vaccine universalization began on June 21, 2021.

The immunisation campaign has been stepped up with the availability of additional vaccinations, advance awareness of vaccine availability to states and UTs to allow for better planning, and simplification of the vaccine supply chain.

As part of the statewide immunisation campaign, the Government of India has been supplying free COVID vaccinations to states and union territories. In the next phase of the COVID-19 immunisation programme, the Union Government would acquire and deliver (at no cost) to States and UTs 75% of the vaccines manufactured in the country by vaccine makers.

Earlier today, the government said that more than 193.53 crores (1,93,53,58,865) in vaccine doses had been distributed to states and union territories through the Government of India (free of cost channel) and direct state procurement category.

More than 14.48 crore (14,48,56,780) in unutilized balance COVID-19 vaccination doses are still available for administration with the states and UTs, according to the health ministry on Wednesday morning.

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