This might prove to be a good immunity booster against Covid-19

corna virus diet

To improve the immunity levels during covid times it’s important to have adequate doses of vitamin D adequate doses of vitamin C&B complex supplements also pre and probiotics naturally occurring pre and probiotics are in yogurt as well as curd yakult is another supplement available in the market you can have that and kimchi which is a Korean salad is a fermented Korean salad is again something good which can give us probiotics which are helping the market which you can pick up and have one to improve your immunity vitamin C is very important.

It’s important to understand that vitamin C is got from oranges, grapes kivi and other citrus fruits. Vitamin C supplements in the form of celecelin, juicy, Limsey can also be had once a day, 500 milligrams of vitamin C per day is important for us vitamin D, if you are low in vitamin D then also are immunity goes down, So to improve the vitamin it’s important to understand have certain amount of sunlight getting into our system maybe 25 minutes per day if it cannot happen then go for supplements which are available in the market in the form of a uprize D or depura which you can have once.

60,000 units once a week it improves your vitamin D. B complex in the form of capsules available in the market are there zinc is a very important feature to fight the covid. Zinc is available in various fruits as well as vegetables but it’s also more so found in seafood and zinc it is found in the form of a zincovit or zinckonia supplements so you can have more of them.

Fitness is very important if you’re walking wearing a mask for those 30 or more minutes this also improves immunity level.

Credits: Dr Suneet Khanna

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