Prime Minister Modi to meet CM’s TODAY, ahead of COVID-19 Vaccination rollout

PM Modi to meet Chief Ministers following the recent approval of two coronavirus vaccines for restricted emergency use in India.India to start vaccination from January 16 the date announced after PM Modi chaired a high-level meeting on Saturday.

The government has also announced about one crore healthcare workers and 2 core frontline workers will be the first to get inoculated. After the completion of Healthcare workers and Frontlines workers vaccination, next category is of those who are above 50 years of age and the under 50 year of age who comes under co-morbidities, together numbering 27 crores, according to the statement given by the government The center has already undertaken three rounds of nationwide dry runs regarding the preparation for vaccination. These dry runs was organised by the Central Union health ministry in coordination with States/UT’s before moving towards real-time vaccination.

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