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Omicron symptom that may severely affect your ears

by Vaishali Sharma

Because of a dramatic increase in instances, the OMICRON variation of coronavirus has become a new source of worry in India, alongside the Delta version of the virus. This type is known to spread more quickly and with less contact, as well as being impervious to vaccinations. Despite the fact that OMICRON is only known to cause minor illnesses, it is putting individuals at risk. Worse, the symptoms of OMICRON infection aren’t the same as those of COVID-19, which include loss of taste and smell, fever, and sickness. In the middle of this, a group of Stanford University researchers found a new sign of the virus.

When it comes to the diagnosis of an infection, one needs to keep an eye out for the symptoms. And the OMICRON variant is known to affect many body parts ranging from the eyes to the heart and brain as well. However, according to experts, some signs can appear in the ears as well.

Stanford University researchers used an internal ear model of COVID-positive individuals to see how the virus affects the body. Patients are also reporting of ear discomfort and tingling feelings within their ears, a symptom that has yet to be linked to the virus. If you get earache, ringing, whistle-like, or tingling sensations, it might be a clue that you need to be tested for coronavirus. Worse, this one is primarily affecting fully immunised people.

Dr. Konstantina Stankovic stressed on patients getting tested as soon as possible if problems related to sound and hearing are encountered. If ignored or left unattended for too long, the infection may even result in hearing loss.

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