No blame game if numbers are high, just focus 5 key points: PM Modi Amid Centre – Maharashtra Row

PM Modi

New Delhi -Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his message has said that he doesn’t endorse any kind of political blame game while fighting this pandemic.

“There was a sort of competition between states when the number of coronavirus cases started rising,” he said in his meeting CM’s over the Covid surge in the country.

“This state is completely useless its numbers are so high. That state is doing well. Comparing various states became a fashion,” PM Modi said as day after Union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan’s criticism for the Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh Government on vaccine supply and handling Covid surge.

“I told you that you shouldn’t wory a bit if the number of cases is high.Don’t be under any kind of pressure that your performance is bad because your numbers are high.You just focus on testing , I’m telling you even now.There is no reason to think badly if your numbers are high….There will be more positive cases if you do more testing,” he added

PM Modi today has clearly said, “Testing is the only way out (in fighting Covid).Our target is to conduct 70 percent RT-PCR tests. I have unverified reports of lethargy by some officials while conducting tests.”

“Number of tests being done on daily basis needs to be significantly increased with the aim to reduce positivity to 5% or less, with focused & targeted testing in containment zones & areas where clusters of cases are being reported.” PM Modi added

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