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Lancet study on Covishield Vaccine Protection Decline is Misquoted: Experts

by Vaishali Sharma
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According to specialists, the Lancet article, which claims that the protection provided by the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine Covishield diminishes after 3 months, has been misquoted.
Experts think the Lancet study on Covishield diminishing antibodies after 90 days has been misquoted, according to ANI.

Dr JA Jayala, President, IMA, said, “Most of the scientific data that is available says that vaccines provide antibodies and T cell immunity as well. It is based on certain facts. Most of the scientific data is available and the studies which have been conducted wide across the country and abroad have proved that antibody is not just stopping but it is continuing.

“But we are concerned about the T cell immunity or/and cellular immunity which is long lasting by all chances and once you are getting infected with the virus or when you are getting the passive immunity by the Covishield, definitely you will have the effect of that sustaining for a longer time. It will be preventing you and helping you to come out of the severe infection you are getting,” the Indian Medical Association President said.

“Unfortunately, this study has a strange methodology, which none of us, including my peers, had ever seen before… So my point is, without discrediting the study authors, methodologies are very important when we come to understanding conclusions. So my message is that one should never blindly jump to conclusions. This study is based on the author’s conclusions,” he said.

“Always look at the methodology and see the data. And if we don’t understand, run it by somebody who knows it before jumping to a conclusion. Unfortunately, the study has been misquoted. And all over the world, there’s panic among people who’ve taken AstraZeneca vaccine,” said Dr Rajeev Jayadevan, Vice Chairman Research Cell Kerala State IMA.

“Even till today, no decline has been observed as far as the protection offered by both vaccines, Covishield and Covaxin is concerned. No signal has come from anywhere in India that people are suddenly falling sick after taking these vaccines,” Dr Rajeev added.

As India reported 236 Omicron cases as till today, the government and medical experts have appealed to people to follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour. “Specifically, I’ll focus on just one thing. Don’t hang around people inside a closed room where people are talking, cheering or singing or having festivities. If you want to meet people, meet them outside or in open premises,” Dr Rajeev said.

He further added, “We learned in the last two years to use masks. Everybody wears masks. Masks are important. You know why? Because many people who carry the virus do not know they’re infected. So if they’re wearing a mask, they’re reducing the number of viruses in the air. And so, they’re protecting other people. So, that is the main purpose of wearing a mask.”

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