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Dr. VK Paul applauds citizens and government’s efforts as India achieves “new milestone” by administering 2 billion doses

by Pragati Singh

On Sunday, India passed a major milestone by giving two billion COVID vaccine doses, a year after launching the world’s biggest Coronavirus immunisation campaign. The country has been attempting to increase immunisation efforts in response to worldwide worries about new COVID-19 outbreaks. Dr VK Paul, Member-Health, NITI Aayog, complimented the historic achievement and the efforts of the government and people of the country in accomplishing it.

“I would want to add that this is a beautiful milestone for India and the globe,” Dr Paul stated exclusively to ANI today. It’s incredible to think that we’ve given over 200 crore COVID-19 vaccination doses to Indians.”

“Remember, we accomplished this using our own vaccines.” “This is a historic occasion for our wonderful country, and all credit goes to the people of India and our Prime Minister,” he stated.

Beginning Monday, July 15, all individuals will receive free coronavirus booster injections at all government facilities for 75 days. The campaign attempts to increase the use of preventive dosages.

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Dr. Paul commented on this, saying, “This, again, is part of the government’s objective to guarantee that every eligible citizen in our country receives vaccine. The government has begun providing free precautionary dosages to qualified recipients. Anyone can go to a government centre and get free precaution dosages.”

“The government has also lowered the duration between the second and booster doses from 9 to 6 months. Those who are qualified for a free prophylactic dosage can now get one. Please ensure that you and your families are safe. And by doing so, we can assure that the nation has a very powerful shield to resist this infection, which is still missing “He stated.

Dr. Paul asked the citizens of the country to follow the government’s COVID-19 procedures.

“India has established a new milestone by reaching the 200 crore immunisation target in just 18 months. Congratulations to everyone of our compatriots on this accomplishment! “Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, Minister of Health, stated in a video speech.

Even as India approaches a major milestone, booster dosage coverage has been a source of worry. According to the government, just 8% of the country’s overall population has received the third injection against Covid thus far. To motivate individuals, a 75-day programme for free booster injections at government centres was inaugurated nationwide on Friday.


The ad also commemorates India’s 75th anniversary of independence, which the country will celebrate next month.

On Saturday, the government set up a digital clock that was ticking backwards to estimate the amount of immunisation doses that needed to be administered to meet the objective as India got closer to it.

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