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by Shalini Bhardwaj

By Dr.Aaloc Srivastava

         Thirteen months ago,

looking at devastating speed of Covid 19, I had dared to quote Malthus(1798),a British Classical Economist-
“When Man Fails,Nature Takes Over”.

2 ) By now, it is in public domain that Covid 19, an off spring of SARS-I Corona Virus ,is not only going to STAY but could be still in ‘circulation’ .
May be due to detection of 770 odd variants and unwanted advent of neo-colonial tendencies of business minded, so called “developed “countries.

How It Began?

3) If we count from ‘ground zero’ of a live animal unhygienic market of Wuhan(31/12/19),1.3 year has passed by.Vital origin data,however,
could not be extracted even by WHO Experts.But owing to unquestioned might of some UN veto wielding powers,219 countries have entered into a state of subjugation and barely ten developed countries have pocketed the vaccines.

Pathetic WHO

4) WHO, on the contrary, after embarassing itself during the painful phases of 2020, is unable to make a dent even now,when it comes to fair distribution of vaccines to needy and suffering poor countries of Africa & Asia. What transpired subsequent to setting up a special fund for the purpose ?
Will it answer?

Indian Yeomen Spirit

5) On the other hand, India after crossing limits of belligerence of having supplied vaccines to 84 countries, may not be regretting her out of way humanitarian gesture.
But looking at the coverage of our barely less than 10 per cent population, don’t we take a cue from a time tested dictum ?-
“Light the Candle at Home Prior to a Mosque”.

Measures Needed On War Footìng

6) By bringing up the issue at crucial juncture of second Covid wave or fourth one according to inimitable Kejriwal, one is not casting any aspersion but certainly one is hinting towards addressing
more immediate Issues ,such as,
^^^ Control over Social & E-media,Issue Quick Rebuttals,
^^^ Check unnecessary visits,
^^^ Swift coverage of entire 45 plus populatioñ,
^^^ Locating missed out initial front liners,
^^^ Intensive Counselling pertaining to efficacy of vaccines,
^^^ Zero Tolerance towards rule and instruction violators,
^^^ Out of turn taking up serious cases
^^^ Further improving health infrastructure And
^^^ Drawing a Roadmap for students and uncovered categories on a War Footing.

8.40 Crore Vaccinations vs 25 Crore Tests,A Poor Reflection

7 ) The element of war footing,has to be by making available 24×7 fully equipped vaccination centres by ensuring safety and rest to medics and front liners of identified and tried categories.Reporting of record 42 lakh vaccinations on 5th April indicates that We Can Perform.

Villains in Current Scenario

8) In addition,not only bowing to pressures of economic revival has to be ignored, people of all “caste & creed” have to be suitably fined,punished as also denied right to have vaccination when non conforming to the Covid Protocol.


9) Having recorded 7 lakh 88 thousand active cases, 1.65 lakh deaths and 1 lakh 3,796 new cases nationally (surpassing 10 Sept.24 hrs record) under the”leadership” of apparently “mismanaged” Maharastra,Chattisgarh,Karnataka,Delhi,T.N,M.P, Gujarat and Kerala,if we are still toying with “Partial Lock Down”,”Night Curfew”,”Weekend Lockdown” only,
THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG with our administrative acumen.

Impose L.D. In State Vulnerable Pockets

10) Inspired by affected West Europe in the first half of 2020 ,if we could enforce an effective country-wide L.D.,Why are we hesitating to repeat it for a month or two,in above named states?
Also uncalled for philantrophy towards “friendly or needy countries” should be ONLY AFTER meeting our domestic obligations.
(Pakistan,China, Canada,do they qualify?)

Crucial Factor-Migrant Labour

11) In ultimate analysis,if our valuable manpower is lost track of AGAIN, the crucial plan of revival of national economy or a trillion Dollar economy will be a MISNOMER.
Afterall ,of four factors of production,labour is vitally important..

12) At this stage ,it is our profound duty to display the characteritic features of Welfare Economics rather than reverting towards State Capitalism.
Atma -nirbharta for whom ? That’s the Question one may pose before withdrawing the elusive mouse.

I may be again tempted to quote from Classical Economics-“In the Long Run we will be dead”.

The writer is Dr.Aaloc Srivastava, Ex-Chief Secretary,Govt.of Sikkim

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