Immediate Measure to prevent and reduce impact of Covid infection if you have been out recently

mask materail affects efficacy

Prevention is always better than Cure. 
We should try to get rid of these Corona viruses out of our system as soon as possible if you have accidentally inhaled (which you may not be aware)them while you were out for some essential work /shopping and before these deadly viruses enter deep into your lower respiratory system[Lungs] and cause havoc which may take 4-5 days after exposure. These viruses for first few days hide in nasal cavity, nasopharyngeal area (behind nose and sinuses) and oropharyngeal area (base of tongue and tonsils).
Therefore it is advisable that as you return home, after removal of mask you should immediately:
1 Wash your hands properly with soap and water.
2 Gargle with warm saline water / Betadine or use any other antiseptic mouth wash or add some Haldi(Turmeric powder) to saline gargle
3.  Saline nasal drops and after 2-3 minutes blow out all nasal secretions alternatively from both nostrils.
Ideally use Isotonic Nasal Spray – its vapours come with pressure and reach the nasopharyngeal area
Try to do if you can do nasal irrigation /Jal Neti with lukewarm water to wash out these viruses.
4   Steam inhalation
5   Humming Pranayama twice daily Brahmari and Shanmukhi mudra-exhale through nostril with humming sound. As humming increases concentration of Nitric Oxide in nasal passages. 
Golden period 
These early 3-4 days are very critical as we can stop  further journey of Corona viruses from their first hideout- nasal cavity, nasopharyngeal area and the base of tongue and tonsils viruses by doing hot water gargle and good steam inhalation .Hence, it is very important to inhale steam, which reaches the nasopharyngeal area and sinuses for  5 minutes continuously as it is not possible to find the temperature of steam
  (As per studies at 50°C, this virus becomes disabled – paralysed, at 60°C this virus becomes so weak that any human immunity system can fight against it and at 70°C this virus dies)
• One who stays only at home fulltime should take steam once a day.
• If you been going to the market to buy Groceries / vegetables etc., take it twice a day. 

• Anyone who job involves meeting some people should take steam 3 times a day.      
                 There are also lots of studies available indicating Nitric Oxide in nasal passage causes significant reduction in viral load. This practice has no side effects and doesn’t cost anything either.
 These lethal viruses can be easily killed by inhaling steam from the nose and mouth, otherwise after 4 to 5 days this virus (that was hidden in nasopharyngeal wall and oropharyngeal area) will reach your lungs causing breathing problems resulting not only in drop in oxygen saturation but can danger your precious life.
Keeping good immunity by healthy balanced diet, supplements Vitamins C, D and Zinc ,good sleep ,regular physical exercise and meditation is of paramount importance. Be positive. There is NO virus in this world more dangerous than FEAR.
Take Care Stay Safe

Credits: Dr (Col) Anil Kakkar, Ex Senior Advisor (ENT) & Professor (ENT) AFMC, Pune

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