Doctor infected with two Covid-19 strains simultaneously

A doctor in Assam was concurrently infected with two distinct Covid-19 strains, a scientist said. A completely vaccinated female doctor in Assam has been infected with Alpha and Delta forms of coronavirus, according to prominent scientist Dr BJ Borkakoti.

“We have detected double infection of Covid-19 by two different variants of concern– Alpha & Delta. A lady doctor was found to be infected simultaneously with both the variants,” Dr BJ Borkakoti, Senior Scientist, Regional Medical Research Centre, Dibrugarh said.

“It will be similar to any other mono-infection of the virus, nothing to worry that the dual infection will cause the severe disease, it is not like that. We have followed the case for one month and she is quite all right,” he added.

The senior scientist, on the other hand, stated that the lady doctor’s health was in perfect shape. He stated that she experienced a minor sore throat, body discomfort, and insomnia and recovered without the need for hospitalisation.

There have been few such instances in the UK, Brazil and Portugal but such a case has not been reported from India so far.

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