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Data on the fourth Covid shot will be submitted to the FDA soon said Pfizer’s CEO

by Pragati Singh

According to Pfizer Inc. Chief Executive Officer Albert Bourla, the company will shortly submit data to US authorities on a fourth dosage of its Covid-19 vaccine. Bourla said he spent Tuesday morning going over fresh data from numerous Covid vaccination studies, including one that looked at the effects of a fourth dosage of the already available vaccine, as well as a novel formulation that will protect against multiple coronavirus types. “They appear optimistic,” Bourla said on Bloomberg Television’s “Balance of Power With David Westin,” adding that Pfizer still has to gather additional data.

Pandemic fears are dissipating as the omicron increase in infections has subsided in recent weeks. Nonetheless, because the coronavirus may evolve, further vaccinations and boosters will be required to manage future varieties as they emerge. Pfizer is expected to approach the US Food and Drug Administration this month or early April with data on a fourth dose that might help restore immunity, as well as findings from a study of a version that particularly targets the omicron variant, according to the CEO. The photos were created in partnership with the German company BioNTech SE.

Both the fourth-dose booster and the omicron-specific injection are currently being studied by Pfizer, according to spokesperson Jerica Pitts. As soon as all of the data is accessible, the company will analyze it and share insights with health authorities and regulators, she said.  Bourla said he’s optimistic about developing a vaccine that would target omicron along with earlier variants, but didn’t provide a timeline for results. Findings from a study of a three-dose regimen of the company’s vaccine for children under the age of 5 are also expected next month, he said.

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