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Covid-19: Few symptoms of early infection

by Vaishali Sharma

Despite the fact that Covid-19 instances are decreasing everyday, it has been urged not to become complacent because the Omicron form is still on the loose. The third wave of the pandemic, thankfully, was lighter, as were the symptoms. Several people have chosen to self-diagnose using their symptoms. Here are five indicators that indicate Covid-19 is on its way to your body:


First and most common symptom of Covid-19 is fever. It was reported in the majority of patients and usually lasts upto 4 days and 7-10 days in the worst cases. Sometimes, the pattern is similar to that of viral fever where the temperature might reduce on taking pills but would start rising again as soon as the effect of pills fade away.


Another symptom of Covid is persistent cough. If you observe that you have been coughing continuously for a few hours and are experiencing irritation in your throat, there are chances that you might have Covid.


Prolonged feeling of fatigue and laziness even though one hasn’t exerted themselves in any activity is a prominent symptom of Covid. Fatigue is the feeling of being tired the whole time due to various reasons. If you have a feeling that you stay tired all day long, you might be Covid-19 positive.


Another very common symptom of Covid-19 is body pain. If you experience body aches for a long time (longer than usual episodes due to fatigue or otherwise), you might be at risk of Covid. The whole body starts paining during Covid and especially the legs, back and chest.


This symptom is the most common symptom of Covid-19. As the virus infects your lungs, your taste buds and olfactory nerves take some damage and hence, the sense of taste and smell is lost. Many people have had this symptom continued for more than the duration of covid-19. The recovery only starts after proper medication along with the reduction in intensity of other symptoms.


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