BIG IMPACT OF MEDICALLY SPEAKING – Above 18 will be eligible for vaccine from May 1st

corona vaccine

ONE STEP CLOSURE EVERYONE ABOVE 18 WILL BE ELIGIBAL FOR VACCINE FROM FIRST MAY -In a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it was decided that the pricing, procurement, eligibility and administration of vaccines would be made flexible in Phase 3 of the vaccination drive.

The Medically Speaking is continuously since two months doing discussion to find out solution to stop the Covid19 pandemic by reducing the age for vaccination.

All adults can get Covid vaccine shots and states can buy doses directly from vaccine manufacturers in the “liberalised and accelerated Phase 3 strategy of COVID-19 vaccination,” the government said

“We always welcome positive move of the government, those who are active workers should get vaccinated at one go IMA welcome this move, today IMA President was also present in the meeting directly with the PM Modi.We are ready to work with the government.” said Dr Jayesh M lele, General secretary, IMA

“If you want to create heard immunity 4 million people need to be vaccinated each day to obtain herd immunity in India.We all stand behind this move by government, private sector needs to be rope in.The partially vaccination is risking our life.” said Dr Rajeev Seth, Vaccine expert, Sr Paediatrician

In meeting with the top doctors and pharma companies PM Modi stressed that vaccination was “the biggest weapon” to fight against the coronavirus and urged doctors to encourage more and more patients to get vaccinated.

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