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Bone death being reported as a post-Covid symptom

by Vaishali Sharma
Bone death

After rise in black fungus cases, doctors have come across a new challenge inflicting Covid survivors-bone death. As per reports, doctors based out of Mumbai hospitals have observed a few cases of avascular necrosis (AVN), also commonly known as bone death amongst patients who have recovered from coronavirus.

While experts continue to look into the matter, it is being believed to be a post-Covid complication of serious concern.

Doctor say that avascular necrosis, AVN is being currently seen patients who made a recovery from coronavirus months back, and hence, is speculated to be a classic post-Covid complication.

At least three confirmed cases of this new health issue have been found so far. All the patients, who were below the age of 40, were doctors, who were diagnosed with bone death after recording severe pain in their femur bone and rushed to treatment. While these are the first cases brought to attention, doctors are now worried that it may be the newest post-Covid implication to watch out for.

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