More Sleep is the Key to Lower the Risk of Contracting Coronavirus, Finds New Study


Decades of scientific evidence show that sleep is a solid way to bolster the immune system against colds, influenza, and respiratory infections. That suggests that sleep may be a powerful tool to fight the pandemic—and not just by reducing the likelihood or severity of infections. There have been so many ways applied by people to reduce the chances of being infected by corona virus, like drinking kadha and turmeric milk. But according to recent research, published online by BMJ Nutrition prevention and health this month, has suggested that just having a proper sleep will reduce one’s chance of getting infected. Their results have shown that factors like disrupted sleep and daily burnout are linked to heightened risk of not only becoming infected with coronavirus, but also  having severe disease and a longer recovery period. The study also shows that every one- hour, increase in the amount of time spent in sleeping at night reduces the odds of becoming infected with the COVID-19 by 12%

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