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PM Modi lays out five objectives for WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine

by Vaishali Sharma

Noting that demand for Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani formulations is increasing internationally as a result of COVID-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted five priorities for the WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine on Tuesday, including the use of technology to develop a traditional medicine library.

The Prime Minister remarked today, while laying the groundwork for the WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine (GCTM) in Jamnagar, that India’s traditional medicine system is more than just therapy; it is a comprehensive science of life. The Prime Minister stated that an individual’s ultimate objective should be to achieve wellbeing, and while keeping disease-free is vital, the ultimate goal must be wellness.

He stated that there is a growing worldwide demand for Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani formulations since many nations rely on traditional medicine to combat the epidemic. Yoga is also becoming increasingly popular across the world.

He stated that yoga is proven to be extremely beneficial in the battle against ailments such as diabetes, obesity, and depression. Yoga also assists people in lowering mental strain and achieving mind-body-consciousness equilibrium.

The Prime Minister established five objectives for the new centre.

First, utilising technology, GCTM can construct a database of traditional knowledge systems; second, GCTM can develop worldwide standards for testing and certification of traditional medicines, increasing trust in these treatments.

Third, the GCTM should expand into a forum where world specialists in traditional medicine may gather and exchange their knowledge. He also requested that the centre look into the potential of holding an annual traditional medicine festival.

Fourth, the GCTM should raise funds for traditional medical research and establish guidelines for the holistic treatment of certain diseases so that patients may benefit from both traditional and contemporary medicine.

The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for the GCTM in the presence of Mauritius Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth and World Health Organization Director-General Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus (WHO).

The GCTM will be the world’s first and only global outpost centre for traditional medicine. It will become a worldwide wellness destination on a global scale.

Prime Minister Modi stated that the World Health Organization’s Global Centre for Traditional Medicine will not only provide the greatest medical answers to the world, but will also usher in a new age for traditional medicine.

Through this centre for traditional medicine, WHO has formed a new collaboration with India. “This complements and expands on the contribution and potential of conventional therapies,” he stated.

The Prime Minister is in Gujarat for three days. Earlier in the day, PM Modi dedicated to the nation a new dairy complex an potato processing plant built at a cost of over Rs. 600 crores in Diyodar, Banaskantha district.

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