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Minister Neena Tangri praises efforts to promote traditional Ayurveda medicine

by Pragati Singh

Inaugral session of series by CJI, CIF and CCAY held successfully Ministry of AYUSH to Co-host series from next session Canada- In an effort to promote Traditional Ayurveda medicine in Canada, Consulate General of India, Toronto and Canada India Foundation held successful inaugural session of virtual series in association with Canadian College of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Honorable guests and speakers including CGI Ms. Apoorva Srivastva and Govt of Ontario Associate Minister Ms. Neena Tangri shared the concern for traditional medicinal science and it’s recognition.

Inaugral session of series on Pharmacological & Therapeutic effects of top 75 Traditional Ayurvedic Medicines was a huge success. During this session Counsel General of India Apoorva Srivastva successfully apprised Associate Minister for small Industries & Red Tape Reduction, Govt. of Ontario Neena Tangri to introduce Ayurveda as legal
medicinal science in Ontario.

While sharing her interests in Ayurveda Ms. Tangri recognized concern for not acknowledging Ayurvedic medicine in Canada. She said if Homeopathy is recognized than centuries old Ayurveda which is globally famous for curing diseases without side effects can also be considered for legalization.

Associate minister said research on Ayurveda in foreign lands to prove that it successfully ails diseases is must for global outreach of Ayurveda. She said she will push through Ministry of Health, Ontario for research of this centuries old medicine science to be regulated before recognition.

Earlier, Ms. Apoorva Srivastva, Counsel General of India, Toronto demanded support from Associate Minister for small Industries & Red Tape Reduction, Govt. of Ontario Neena Tangri for recognition to Ayurveda in Canada. She said Ms. Tangri can raise this demand to the state government for 1.8 million Indian diaspora, 800,000 Indian citizens working here.

She narrated the importance of Traditional Indian Sciences for body, mental and spiritual care especially by Ayurveda. Ms. Apoorva said globally we lack behind the curve in promoting Ayurveda though India gives top priority to this medicinal science.

Vaidya Harish Verma who hails from Canada College of Ayurveda and Yoga narrated that it’s tough to use Ayurveda’s name as medicine science in Canada as it’s not recognized in Canada. He said otherwise Canadians use this traditional remedial methods without any formal advice from experts.

He thanked CIF and CGI for moderating inaugural session of medicine. He demanded research and study in foreign countries on Ayurvedic medicine to prove the effects of traditional medicine.

Ministry of Ayush, India spokesperson S. Narayan said after watching the far impacts of this lecture series he will persuade Ministry of Ayush to Co- host this series of seminar. Mr. Narayan found it very important in promoting Indian cause of promoting Ayurveda in foreign lands.

Mr. Satish Thakkar, Chair of CIF moderated the inaugural session of series introducing CGI Apoorva Srivastva and other important guests. Mr. Thakkar said viewing that there are many reasons to believe in Ayurveda, now demand for this traditional medicine science is erupting worldwide.

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Dr Madan Thangavelu from European Ayurveda Association, Cambridge said Ayurveda provides concrete examples of successful remedies from traditions which are to be followed. He said limitations are that when these remedial practices go out of India people don’t understand.

He asked can we educate Indians living abroad or even foreigners about Ayurveda who are interested in it? About subject of inaugral lecture he said Triphala is described in Vedas. He praised India for having able qualified person as minister of AYUSH.

Georgy Bhalla, CEO, Tathastu thanked Dr. Verma and other guests and speakers for sharing stage in promotion of Ayurveda. He said, they have been promoting Yoga, Ayurveda and anything connected to body and soul. He felt honored and committed that as usual Tathaastu will take it in a big way.

Mr. Bhalla also shared his concern over the challenge to promote this traditional true science around the world. Dr. Vidhya Unikrishnnan, first speaker on Triphala who studied Ayurveda in Kerala and did her PHD from Jaamnagar explained formulation of Triphla and it’s multiple uses.

Second speaker of lecture series Narayana Prakash, Professor Kayachikitsa also narrated benefits of Triphala as drug in ailing simple and even dangerous diseases. He said even research on Triphala as anti cancer drug research is going.

He narrated that Triphala works for ailing obesity, hypertension, diabetes, constipation and many other diseases. Narayana
said Triphala is used as Ist drug without even without prescription in India with no harmful effects. It even ails liver disorders, alcohol disorders, Jaundice, gum disorders, eye disorders, respiratory disorder, Male Infertility, Skin.

In his lecture he described formulation of Triphala for different ages and body types.

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