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UP: Doctors say mentally ill woman, who was rescued after 36 yrs of captivity, can recover

by Vaishali Sharma

A doctor has voiced optimism for the recovery of the mentally ill lady who was chained for 36 years and rescued by a non-government organisation in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, noting that the procedure might take several weeks.

Under the leadership of Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Anjula Mahour, the NGO Seva Bharati rescued a mentally ill lady who had been chained by her family members for the last 36 years in Firozabad’s Tundla, Uttar Pradesh. The woman has been taken to an Agra psychiatric hospital for treatment.

The woman was chained at the age of 17 years and turned 53 when she was freed and admitted to the hospital.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Dinesh Rathore, Medical Superintendent, Agra mental institute said, “A woman aged 53 years hailing from Firozabad was rescued and brought here. She was kept shackled in chains in a room by her family for 36 years, who believed that she was mentally ill”.

He said that when she was in a bad condition at the time when she was brought to the hospital.

“We found her in a very bad condition. She was wearing filthy clothes with dirt all over. NGO members bathed her and got her some clean clothes. Her medical tests are being conducted. We are hopeful that she will recover soon, maybe within a few weeks,” said Dr Rathore.

According to the villagers, she was fed by the family through a crack in the door and was provided with water for her bathing through the window.

The treatment of the woman is underway.

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