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Health department ranks Lucknow 13th owing to better health services

by Pragati Singh

The state capital is ranked 13th in the new UP health department rankings for the month of March, up from 51st in February.

The health department’s rankings show that the state capital’s health facilities are steadily improving.

The jump from 51st to 13th in a month demonstrates that Lucknow’s health infrastructure has greatly improved. According to health professionals, patients in the state capital are receiving better treatment and medications than in the past.

According to the UP Health Days Board on Tuesday, the situation of rural hospitals has also improved.

The UP health department displays the ranking of government hospitals across the state every month. The district was ranked 51st in February. Earlier, it was ranked 39th in January and 27th in December.

According to health officials, there are nine Rural Community Health Centres in Lucknow. There are about 30 primary health centres. There are eight urban community health centres. There are 51 urban posts/centres/sub-centres. Apart from this, there are hospitals like Balrampur, Civil, Lokbandhu, Dufferin, Jhalkaribai, Mahanagar Bhaurao Deoras, Rani Laxmibai, Thakurganj Joint Hospital, Shri Ram Sagar Mishra Hospital which give high-standard treatment to patients in the state capital.

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