Ophthalmologist directed to pay Rs. 10 lakh as compensation for loss of vision post-cataract surgery

The States Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission of Jaipur has directed two ophthalmologists to pay compensation of Rs. 20 Lakh for allegedly performing an eye-surgery that caused loss of vision in one eye of a patient.

The ophthalmologist suggested the operation to the patient saying he had developed cataract in one eye. The latter was charged Rs. 16000 for the surgery. But the patient had to lose vision due to the surgery as a result of which the patient was demoted from his post and had to take an early retirement. Hence, the patient filed a petition against the contractual doctor.

Observing the act being an unfair trade practice, the commission said, “The two doctors in connivance operated prematurely for cataract of the railway employee just with an eye on the money of the petitioner. This constitutes unfair trade practice. So, both the doctors had to pay Rs. 5 lakh each. The doctor who performed the operation had to pay an additional of Rs. 10 Lakh for loss of sight of one eye of the petitioner.”

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