Newborn infected with Covid recovers after three week long battle with life

rt-pcr test

A 25-day-old infant in Odisha’s Bhubaneshwar recovered fully from Covid-19 infection after a tough 10-day battle for life on a ventilator, becoming one of the youngest survivors in the country.

According to Dr Arjit Mohapatra, the neonatologist who treated the baby, “A 25-days-old baby named Gudia was referred from Kalahandi district with fever, poor feeding, seizures and severe respiratory diseases. The baby was admitted to isolation ICU and put on ventilator as she had features of multiorgan failure.”

“Doctors conducted the RT-PCR test on baby and she was found Covid-19 positive. During the treatment, the doctors gave the baby Remdesivir, steroids and other antibiotics. After three weeks (first 10 days were on a ventilator) the baby started showing positive signs, and doctors again conducted an RT-PCR test and she tested negative. The baby was discharged on Wednesday in healthy condition,” Dr Mohapatra added.

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