Delhi to increase Covid Bed facilities in view of second wave

Delhi CM

States like Delhi and Maharashtra are reporting a daily surge in the number of Covid cases as people are not following safety protocols properly. But unlike last time, is Delhi prepared to face this second wave of coronavirus?

In the view of these rising Covid-19 cases, Delhi Government’s Health and Family Welfare Department has decided to designate the following number of beds in the hospitals mentioned below, for admitting confirmed/suspected cases of Covid-19:

S. No.HospitalsNo. of Beds reserved for Covid presentlyNo. of ICU beds with VentilatorTotal Beds for Covid after EscalationNo. of ICU beds with Ventilator after Escalation
1LN Hospital30050100020
2RGSS Hospital500200500200
3BSA Hospital501610030
4Burari Hospital3201032030
5Ambedkar Hospital200 2000
6GTB Hospital0 500100
7DDU Hospital0 10030
8DCB Hospital0 10010
9SGM Hospital0 2010
10ASBG Hospital0 2010
11SRC Hospital0 5010
 Total1370 2910630

MD/Directors of all the above mentioned hospitals have been directed to upgrade the number of beds indicated against their hospital with immediate effect and logistics required, if any, may be sourced by using powers delegated u/s 50 of Disaster Management Act.

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