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Delhi HC orders hospitals to provide information of patients since April 1

by Vaishali Sharma

Delhi High Court has sought information on number of patients admitted, discharged, undergoing treatment at Delhi hospitals since April 1 to review allegations related to malpractices and accusations of beds not being vacated, and the information is to be sent to court till Tuesday.

The court has also ordered hospitals to set up oxygen plants amid oxygen scarcity. This comes in after 8 patients dies due to lack of oxygen in Batra hospital.

The court also directed the Delhi government to update its portal with numbers of patients discharged and admitted on daily basis

A bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli said for commercial considerations, some hospitals reduce capital expenditures on things like oxygen plants which are essential in a hospital, especially the big ones.

During the hearing, S Bankata, executive director of Batra Hospital, told the court that it had run out of oxygen for one and half hours and it has resulted in the loss of eight lives including a doctor. To this, the court responded by saying that the matter should have been raised with Rahul Mehra before it approached the court. “Maybe you could have saved them,” the court said.

“We know that everyone wants to keep their profits high. But these are essentials maybe you can have 10 rooms less but this is irresponsible. We had not contemplated this. We are going to direct,” the court also said.

The bench, which is conducting a special hearing on a holiday, started the proceedings at 11.30am and is still continuing.

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