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Union MoS is looking for data on minor girls pregnancy

by Pragati Singh

Nashik: State Minister for Family Welfare and Health Dr Bharti Pawar was looking for data on Friday on every small girl who has been either pregnant or babies recently in the district.

Pawar visited the civil hospital in Nashik, where a special child diagnostic camp was organised for 0 to 17 years of age.

Dr Pawar talked to the media and reported that in recent times minor girls were married and their health was affected by earlier pregnancy.

“These little girls, who were married early, have a life of concern for us. I learnt about several rural cases and therefore requested the District Officials of Health to supply such cases with the data,” she said.

The reproductive system of minor girls is not developed sufficiently and hence, pregnancies at such young age are inadvisable. They could also lead to complications. If the mothers are weak, they could have weak babies. It could lead to malnourishment in the mother and the child.

There are chances that early pregnancies could cause permanent damage to the health of these mothers. At times, these can even prove fatal for both the mother and the baby.

“If we have to stop all this, it is important to get the idea of such cases and take corrective measures related to monitoring of health,” Dr Pawar said.

“The law against child marriages is very clear. If there have been a large number of such marriages in the recent past, then there is a need to increase the intelligence gathering. Everyone has to take efforts to ensure the health of such minors is focused upon,” Dr Pawar added.

After reviewing the data, the minister said that she would take this up on the larger scale across the state and take up the issue with the state government and even across the country as well.

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