Nurse and associate arrested for illegal supply of Remdesivir injection


Maharashtra: Pune City Police have arrested a nurse and her associate for illegal sale of Remdesivir injection according to a report by ANI.

Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Police Station has registered a case in this context.

Amid the increasing demand of Remdesivir injection due to the ongoing case surge, several people have started black marketing the injection. Many such cases have been reported form various parts of the nation.

According to a media report, Remdesivir works as an anti-dose for Covid positive people. Covid patients are inoculated with six doses of this injection in a span of 5 days and two of them are given on the first day itself.

Remdesivir is currently at high demand in the states of Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

Companies have geared up the production of the Remdesivir injection and it is likely for the supply to get normalized in the upcoming days.

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