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Man succumbs to West Nile fever in Kerala’s Thrissur, State Health Minister orders controlling spread of mosquitoes

by Vaishali Sharma

Hours after Kerala announced the death of a person from West Nile fever on Sunday, Kerala Health Minister Veena George stated that managing mosquito proliferation and carrying out source destruction are critical to preventing this infection.

Minister Veena George has clarified that there is no cause for concern. In a press release on Sunday, George said, “Mosquito control and source destruction are essential to control West Nile fever. However, there’s no need to worry. Districts have been warned to be vigilant. West Nile fever is characterized by symptoms similar to those of Japanese fever. But the disease is not as serious as Japanese fever. But be careful.”

“The state has already issued a precautionary measure as there is a risk of contagious diseases due to climate change. Our defensive measures should be strengthened. Emphasis should be placed on the source destruction of mosquitoes. Individuals should keep their homes and surroundings clean. The water should not look stagnant,” she wrote.

The minister further recommended that if residents of the state develop fever or other indications of disease, they seek treatment at hospitals.

When a West Nile epidemic was detected in the Thrissur district, a special team from the district medical office visited Kannara and increased preventative measures. She stated that the District Vector Control Unit gathered samples from various places and sent them for examination.

“All team members carried out mosquito eradication activities in and around the patient’s home as the area was found to be prone to mosquito-borne diseases. Health workers at Vellanikkara Community Health Center were instructed to conduct proper fieldwork, source destruction activities, fever survey and health education classes in the area,” she added.

On Sunday, Kerala reported the death of a person with West Nile fever, the first mortality linked to the vector-borne disease in recent years. Puthanpurackal Joby (47), the victim, was from Panancheri in the Thrissur district.

Following the death, the state health agency issued a notice. West Nile disease, which is carried by mosquitos of the Culex genus, took a life in Kerala in 2019.

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