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Thiruvananthapuram hospital conducts five organ transplants in 24 hours

by Vaishali Sharma
organ transplant

Five organ transplant procedures were performed concurrently at a multi-specialty hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, physicians said on Friday.

At Thiruvananthapuram’s Kims Health, a multi-specialty hospital, the organ transplant procedures were carried out. It took collaboration, according to Dr. Praveen Muraleedharan, a nephrologist at the hospital who organised the surgery. A liver was one of the transplanted organs. Aside from that, the facility also performed pancreatic and kidney transplants.

“We were given permission to do kidney as well as pancreas transplantation. So we went ahead with the permission of the government to do this transplant,” he said.

“Based on the efforts put in by a large number of doctors, nurses, and supporting staff as well as the coordination from various government agencies and support from the administration of Kims health. It took almost 48 hours for the process to be completed,” he added.

“A girl with damaged kidneys because of genetic abnormality in the liver needed a liver plus kidney transplant. As the liver was a large liver, given by a 24-year-old male, we were able to split the liver into two and gave to a lady who was in dire need of a liver transplant. So one liver we were able to save two persons,” he added.

The second combined transplant that was done was a combined pancreas-kidney transplant. This transplant was done on a male and all are doing well,” he added.

The entire process of transplant took around 18 to 24 hours, he said.
“Kims Health is basically a transplant hospital and have doing kidney transplantation for more than 17 years now. However, pancreas transplantation was the first we did in our hospital,” he said.

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