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Antibodies against COVID-19 discovered in 82 percent of Kerala residents

by Vaishali Sharma
Green Fungus

Around 82 percent of those who took part in the seroprevalence survey in Kerala had antibodies in their systems that could protect them from the COVID-19 sickness. But only 40 per cent of children were found to have possessed antibodies to resist the attack of the pandemic.

Antibodies were discovered in Kerala children at lower levels than in other states.

The final results may differ because the Health Department is currently polishing the survey report.

The seroprevalence test was used to see if a person has developed antibodies after being vaccinated or having been exposed to COVID-19 once. Because the youngsters had not been vaccinated, the presence of antibodies in their bodies was examined to see if they had acquired them after being infected with COVID-19.

For the seroprevalence test, almost 30,000 samples were obtained from 14 districts. The survey was primarily conducted to determine the prevalence of antibodies among youngsters.

Antibodies to resist COVID-19 were identified in the bodies of about 90% of people from coastal areas.

The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) had previously performed a seroprevalence survey in the state, which revealed antibodies in 44.4 percent of individuals tested. However, the ICMR did not test children.

The results of the most recent seroprevalence survey would also be used to make a final decision on the state’s school reopening.

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