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Gurugram Doctor dies by commiting suicide, in-laws Blames His wife

by Pragati Singh

A physician of the private hospital in Gurugram, allegedly harassed by his wife and lawyers, died from suicide by taking a poisonous product, said the police on Saturdays here.

Two weeks later, after a note was recovered from the house, the alleged reason behind suicide was found. The deceased’s family members brought a report against his wife and lawyers to the police.

The complainant Om Singh, a resident of village Jhanjharola, told the police that his son Ravinder was a doctor in a private hospital in Gurugram.

“My son was married to Manisha, a resident of Alwar, in January 2015. On August 26, Ravinder had swallowed a poisonous substance due to mental stress. He died during treatment at a hospital. The police took the body in possession and handed it over to the family members after postmortem. I didn’t file any complaint at that time,” Singh told the police.

Singh said in his complaint that 14 days after Ravinder’s death when he was cleaning the house after separating his belongings, a diary was found in Ravinder’s suitcase which contained the suicide note.

“In the suicide note, Ravinder had written that his in-laws are harassing him due to which he is committing suicide. He also blamed his wife Manisha, mother-in-law Kamlesh, Manisha’s aunts Suman and Surat, for his death,” Singh asserted in his police complaint.

Following this, Singh filed a complaint and handed over the suicide note to the police, which have started the investigation on the basis of the complaint.




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