Delhi reports 26 days high in COVID-19 cases after RT-PCR tests

The number of cases of the COVID-19 infection is rising again in New Delhi more than 3,000 cases being reported in the city each day during last week. Delhi has reported 3,686 new Covid-19 infections on Wednesday which is the highest in the last 26 days. The city has 340,436 number of infection cases reported from the time of the outbreak and 47 new Covid -19 deaths taking total no.of fatalities to 6,128.

The Delhi government on Wednesday conducted the first time ever 16,629 RT-PCR in a single day. The real-time polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR) tests are considered to be more sensitive, but they are costlier than rapid antigen tests and give results in 24hrs but antigen tests are less expensive and quick in results but it can also give a false negative.

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