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FDA panel endorses lower-dose Moderna COVID shot for booster

by Vaishali Sharma
moderna covid-19 vaccine

Some Americans who got Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccination should obtain a half-dose booster to improve their viral protection, according to US health officials.

Seniors, individuals with other health issues, employment, or living arrangements that place them at higher risk for COVID-19 were unanimously recommended to have a booster shot by a panel of FDA advisors.

Although the proposal is not legally obligatory, it is an important step in expanding the US booster campaign to millions of additional Americans.

After the FDA approved its usage last month, many patients who received their original Pfizer injections at least six months ago are now obtaining a booster.

The dosage for the first Moderna vaccine is two 100-microgram injections. However, Moderna claims that a single 50-microgram booster injection should enough.

The CDC’s specialists met on Thursday and Friday to discuss who should get booster doses and when for patients who received the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines earlier this year.

The FDA will make final decisions on boosters from both firms based on the advice of its experts. Even if the judgement is favourable, there’s still one more barrier to overcome: next week, a panel established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will provide further details on who should receive one.


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