6th India Pharmaceutical Forum Amplifies Conversation on Patient Centricity and Quality Management

 The Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance successfully hosted the 6th edition of the Indian Pharmaceutical Forum. The theme of this is Patient Centricity: New Paradigm in Quality Management on highlighting the importance of sustaining patient-centricity from long term perspective. The event brought together by senior leaders from industry,  regulatory agencies, academia and subject experts to facilitate discussion on building excellence in quality management across the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. 

“COVID-19 pandemic taught us that quality management systems should be able to address the challenges while maintaining strict compliance with the requirements of the safety, efficacy and quality standards. Indian pharmaceutical industry has been proactive to adapt to the situation in regard to production, supply chain etc. while maintaining best practices.” said Dr. VG Somani, Drug Controller General of India

“The Indian pharmaceutical industry has been at the forefront in the fight against the pandemic. IPA’s focus right from the start of pandemic clearly has been on ensuring supply chain continuity, welfare of the employees, providing thought leadership and stimulating recovery and growth of the industry. Despite the pandemic, IPA has been very active in its core function of policy advocacy with high level engagement with the authorities.” said Mr. Satish Reddy, President, Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance 

COVID-19 exposed global vulnerabilities of the supply chains in the pharmaceuticals sector making the need for innovation & sustainability pivotal to the growth of the sector. While we adopted digital platforms for all our work, sustaining this transformation will be crucial for the next decade. Digital interventions have the potential to help us innovate and improve market share. Innovation, not just in molecular developments but also in existing systems of manufacturing, training, data analysis & storage and much more are equally essential. A sustainable approach to digital transformation can shape the industry as a key growth provider globally.” said Mr. Pankaj Patel, Chairman, Cadila Healthcare Ltd

“Technology has impacted all parts of pharmaceutical pillars such as research, manufacturing, sales and marketing. This will eventually help improve the quality of performance in each of the business areas. These changes will accelerate the speed at which a product is developed and is made available in markets and entail in reduced costs, benefitting patients. Also, the pandemic brought forth the focus on Tele-consultation making it an important aspect in the treatment of patients. I believe tele-consultation will continue to play a huge role by enabling access to quality treatment especially to patients in smaller cities.” Said Mr. Dilip Shanghavi, MD, Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd

 “COVID-19 has once again reinforced the efforts of the healthcare industry towards a patient-centric approach. This year, the 6th Indian Pharmaceutical Forum provided a platform to facilitate a comprehensive discussion on the everchanging shift in quality management, led by significant voices of the industry.” Said Mr. Sudarshan Jain, Secretary General, Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance 

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