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WHO to reveal the truth behind the origin of Covid-19 virus today

by Vaishali Sharma
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The long-awaited report on COVID-19 origin tracing following a mission in Wuhan of central China’s Hubei Province will be released on Tuesday, head of World Health Organization (WHO) said at a virtual press conference in Geneva on Monday.

Director-general of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that “WHO has received the full mission report over the weekend on the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from the team that visited Wuhan earlier this year.”

“All hypotheses are open, from what I read from the report… and warrant complete and further studies,” Tedros said.

The report was not public yet, he added. He said a mission briefing would be held between the international experts and the WHO’s 194 member states on Tuesday, after which the report would be published on the WHO’s website.

“We will read the report and discuss, digest its content and next steps with member states,” Tedros said. “I will have more to say following further review and understanding of the report. But for now, all hypotheses will be on the table and will need further study.”

Tedros said the international experts would hold a press conference on Tuesday to discuss their findings. “Listening to them will be very, very important,” he said.

As a part of global scientific research on the origin of the novel coronavirus, Chinese experts and WHO experts worked together in Wuhan from January 14 to February 10.

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