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Tomato Flu spread in Kerala; Karnataka border districts asked to be on alert

by Vaishali Sharma
tomato flu

During the last month, 82 cases of “tomato flu” have been reported in Kerala’s Kollam district.

The issue, according to the Kollam district medical officer, is under control. Complete healing is feasible in one to ten days. Children are affected by the flu, which spreads through contact. The illness People who have tomato flu develop a crimson blister.

What is Tomato Flu?

Tomato fever is an unknown virus that mostly affects the Indian state of Kerala. Furthermore, it is uncertain if the illness is the result of a viral fever or a side effect of chikungunya or dengue virus infection.

Tomato disease is distinguished by rashes the size of tomatoes, skin irritation, and symptoms of dehydration on the tongue of a child suffering from the disorder. A few patients stated that the worms had also erupted from the boils.

Rashes, skin discomfort, and dehydration are common symptoms of an infected child. As a result, blisters form in various parts of the body.

With multiple cases of tomato flu recorded in youngsters in Kerala, Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar has directed officials to keep a close eye on everyday visitors from the state visiting border areas such as Mangaluru, Udupi, Kodagu, Chamrajnagara, and Mysuru. Sudhakar also stated that there was no need to be alarmed.

“Cases have also been reported from Aryankavu, Anchal and Neduvathur in Kerala. So, border districts of the state viz Mangaluru, Udupi, Kodagu, Chamrajnagara and Mysuru are directed to keep a vigil on daily travellers from Kerala and also to monitor children for any signs and symptoms in the OPDs of health institutions,” Sudhakar said.

“Though some symptoms are similar, tomato flu has nothing to do with Covid-19. These symptoms are usually seen in other types of viral infections also. There is no need to panic as the authorities have been asked to remain alert. Moreover, tomato flu is endemic to Kerala,” he added.

Tomato flu is an uncommon viral infection that produces red rashes, skin irritation, and dehydration. The condition is named for the blisters it generates, which resemble tomatoes.

Tomato flu is affecting children below the age of five in Kerala. “The main symptoms include large blisters the size of tomatoes which are red in colour. Other symptoms of the flu include high fever, body ache, joint swelling and fatigue – much like chikungunya,” a health department release said.

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