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The Prime Minister inaugurates 35 public service announcements funded by the PM CARES fund

by Vaishali Sharma
PM Modi

In an event held at AIIMS Rishikesh on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated 35 Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen plants established under PM CARES. According to government data, with the addition of PSAs, all districts in the country’s 35 states and union territories now have commissioned PSA oxygen plants.

Union Ministers, the Governor and Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, state ministers, and healthcare professionals attended the event.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his delight at the inauguration of oxygen plants, saying, “The facilities India prepared in such a short time span to fight the Corona pandemic shows our country’s capability.” Before the pandemic, a network of about 3000 testing labs was formed from just one testing lab. India has progressed from an importer to an exporter of masks and kits. Even in remote areas of the country, new ventilators were made available. India has produced Made in India Corona Vaccine on a large scale and in a timely manner. India has launched the world’s largest and most rapid vaccination campaign.

What India has done is a symbol of our resolve, service, and solidarity.”

He also stated that medical oxygen production was increased by more than tenfold from normal days, when 900 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen were produced per day.

Extending on India’s fight against COVID, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that 93 crore doses of corona vaccine have been administered, with the country on track to surpass the 100 crore mark, and that India has shown the way to the rest of the world by building the CoWIN platform to carry out such large-scale vaccinations.

According to the Prime Minister, the government has become more proactive in resolving citizens’ problems even before they contact the government.


He stated that piped drinking water has now reached more than 7,10,000 houses in Uttarakhand, informing about infrastructure development in the state where these PSAs were inaugurated.

Highlighted the government’s expansion of AIIMS to bring it to every state in the country only 6-7 years ago. The number of AIIMS facilities in the country has grown from six to the current total of 22. Furthermore, the government is working to improve connectivity infrastructure in order to accelerate the nation’s development.

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