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Unscientific medicines and overdose are the cause of death due to corona: Study

by Vaishali Sharma

By: Viveksheel Aggarwal, Niramaya Research

Niramaya Research Foundation, a research organization of the country, recently took the initiative to investigate the cause of deaths due to corona in collaboration with doctors of the country and abroad. When assessing the current trend and the medicines given in case of corona, it was found in the research that the cause of severe problems and deaths in Kovid-19 is not the virus but the unscientific and aggressive drugs given in the beginning. This research paper has been sent by the institute to the Ministry of Health, Government of India, ICMR, Medical Council of India, Indian Medical Association and NITI Aayog.

Vivek Sheel Aggarwal, Chairman of the Trust, says that Paracetamol, which is given in large quantities in the treatment of corona, and other medicines, including paracetamol, are scientifically completely impure and are highly harmful. No scientific research around the world believes that medicines should be taken to reduce fever in virus infection, but all research supports the fact that if the fever in virus infection is brought down, it will not only increase the duration of the disease. but the death rate also increases greatly.

This paper, made on the basis of research published in the world’s most recognized medical journals, also explains how taking paracetamol not only hinders the natural processes of fighting disease of the human body, but also creates a terrible condition like cytokine storm. Rather, the processes of inflammation in the lungs and coagulation of blood in the body also start and a large number of patients die.

Mr Aggarwal said that for the last 70 years, no trial of paracetamol, which has been fed in such a large quantity, has been done on humans in virus infection in the world till date. When trials were done on animals, they failed. On the other hand, it has been proved in many trials that reducing fever in virus infection not only increases the virus infection, but also the body’s immune system is not able to do its work smoothly and antibodies against the virus are not formed. He also told that even after the vaccine, the fever that comes after giving medicine, the antibodies are not being formed properly in the people. In a survey conducted by King George Hospital, Lucknow, it was also revealed that even after taking both doses of the vaccine, only 7% of the people were able to make antibodies.

The death of a large number of people even after applying the Kovid vaccine is worrying, but the first data should also be collected and investigated whether paracetamol immediately after taking the vaccine and after that when the health worsens then other antibiotics, steroids etc. are causing.

Mr. Vivek Aggarwal claims that if the scientific institutions of India do a thorough investigation on this research and stop the unscientific drugs given, then in the next wave, neither a person will need to be hospitalized, nor will any person be hospitalized. He has to suffer for oxygen.

ICMR President Dr. Balram Bhargava, Kovid-19 National Task Force Chairman Dr. Paul, AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria and many other eminent doctors have supported this research paper, the main ones being Dr. Sanjay Jain, MS. , Dr. Anu Garg MD from USA, Dr. Suresh Agarwal MS etc.

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