Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd (HMD) to make 177.6 million AD syringe for Govt. of India by March 2021

Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd(HMD), one of the largest manufacturers of disposable syringes in the world, HMD has shipped over 100 million pieces of KOJAK Auto disable syringes.

“HMD has shipped out more than 100 million pieces of 0.5 ml auto disable (AD) syringes for intra muscular injections to Covax facility and will soon send the next 40 million Syringes by December as the race for a ‘safe and effective’ vaccine against coronavirus infection is on the horizon.” said Mr. Rajiv Nath, Managing Director of Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd.

WHO and UNICEF has also recommended disposable Syringe for mass vaccination. The drugmaker companies will do intramuscular vaccination which will be based on double dosage. The Union Health Minister has also assured about 300- 400million vaccines in the month of July-August 2021.

According to the statement released by HMD will produce 177.6 million 0.5ml KOJAK AD syringes for the Government of India to meet the targets“The front runner CoviD vaccines being launched in India would need a 0.5ml AD Syringe for intramuscular drug delivery we are informed. In addition to the annual procurement of 300-350 million of these syringes by GoI for the UIP (Universal Immunization Program) additional orders have been placed on us by MoH&FW. We are informed that MoH&FW is in discussion with their other 2 suppliers also to place additional orders or seek to pre-pone deliveries of already placed orders with them. HMD is on track to produce 177.6 million 0.5 ml KOJAK AD syringes for GOI by March 2021 and 60 million are already in our stock, awaiting dispatch instructions,” Said Rajiv Nath, MD, HMD
“HMD is gearing up to meet the Auto Disable Syringe demands which is the preferred mode of injection in public healthcare to ensure injection safety in addition to the private healthcare where standard disposable syringes usage is prevalent. We have requested the Govt. to provide us clarity on the various kinds of syringes required for the vaccine candidates under development as some of these would be by intradermal delivery ( via skin) or intranasal delivery (via the nose) or possibly oral delivery (via mouth). Each type would require a matching specialized syringe type. We need early intimation for boosting the capacities further. Syringe production is not like the production of PPE kits which can be easily ramped up. It requires precision-engineered multi-cavity molds, equipment and automation that have a lead time of 9 months to a year from reputed suppliers in Europe & Japan.” added Rajiv Nath

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