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Health experts advise caution amidst international Covid surge

by Vaishali Sharma

With the recent increase in Covid instances in China and other nations, health experts around the country advised individuals to adhere to Covid procedures. Though they have guaranteed that India is secure for the time being, they have urged citizens to be alert.

Speaking to ANI, Dr K Sudhakar, Health minister of Karnataka said, “As of now India is safe due to the robust vaccination programme implemented by the government. People had already taken two doses along with a booster dose. I would appeal to the people to take booster dose, who have not taken it yet.” He added, “We are keeping a close watch and monitoring the newly registered positive cases as any new variant is showing up or not.”

The Union Health Ministry on Tuesday requested States and Union Territories to send samples of all COVID-19 positive cases to INSACOG labs to track new variants if any.

Speaking at the same tune, Guwahati Medical College & Hospital (GMCH) Superintendent Dr Abhijit Sarma told ANI, “There’s no need to panic but people need to follow precautions and covid protocols.”

With the impending Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, people will gather in large numbers on the streets and at various other places. Dismissing the fear, K Sudhakar said, “There’s no need to curb people’s movements as of now. We need to monitor only.”

Dr Arindam Pandey cardiologist & Medical expert from Kolkata spoke to ANI and pointed out the failure of China’s Zero Covid policy. He mentioned, “No vaccine can give 100 percent assurance. But China’s covid policies backfired. The government of China failed to administer the situation with effective policies. As variants are changing, we can’t predict the future with full conviction.”

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