More than 515 doctors have lost their lives, says IMA

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) is tweeted the list of doctors who their lives due to COVID-19. The percentage of doctors who lost their lives can be more than 515 in numbers. According to the updated list by Indian Medical Association, more than 515 doctors succumbed during COVID-19 crisis in the country and this number is increasing day by day. IMA database says the doctor-patient ratio is 1:94. A majority of doctors 201 were in the age group of 60-70yr of age.  Above 70years of age doctors are 66, 50-60years were 171who killed,59 doctors are between the age 35-50 years of age and 18 doctors are who died were less than 35years of age.

“IMA dedicates the sacrifice of 515 Indian doctors in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic to the nation. We salute these martyrs. We salute all the nurses and the healthcare workers who sacrificed their lives as well. The mortality rate in drs& health caregivers is 9 times more than the general population.” IMA tweets

“From today onward 25000 patients will not get medical care daily which was available to them daily through them
Our homage to these soldiers.”Say’s Dr. R N Tondon, Former General Secretary, IMA

“Families of healthcare workers are also at risk. Unfortunately, govt has no data on deceased doctors & healthcare workers. The number of deaths is much more than published data. India should care for its healthcare workers.” Say’s Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, Former President, IMA

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