IMA welcomes Parliament committee on separate IMS


The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has issued a statement on parliamentary committee move for setting up separate Indian Medical services cadre in health sector.

“Indian Medical Association again puts it on record that the IMS will provide the healthcare of our country with due attention & much awaited deserving space on national diaspora with much needed professionalism in the healthcare policymaking & implementation of programs. It would serve as a strong catalytic agent for realization of core guarantee of Right to Health to all the citizens guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India and also the universal goal health equitably and affordably.” says statement given by IMA

The Indian Medical association (IMA) has also demanded from Ministry of Health to take necessary steps to get it approved from different states.

“IMA demand the health ministry to take necessary steps to formulate the plan of action with time frame and get it approved by different states and bring out an ordinance or law at once to bring this in force pandemic itself.”, says the release issued by IMA

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