IMA supports the Medical officer’s organisation(MAGMO)

The Indian Medical Association, Maharashtra unit, has condemned the “ill-treatment” of doctors. According to the release issued by Indian Medical Association,”IMA fully supports the protest by government medical officers against insulting and arrogant behavior (from higher government offices). Similar treatment is meted out to private doctors too. We have time and again informed about this to the Chief Minister, Health Minister, and Chief Secretary. A meeting on May 14 on this issue had led to a promise y the chief Secretary that such things won’t recur. But this hadn’t changed anything. So, we had re-issued the warning that this could have far-reaching implications for patient services in the state. But all promises for improvement in this respect have proved to be superficial.”

“Govt of Maharashtra and its Administrative officers, have been treating badly to the doctors. Not only the private doctors but the Govt Medical Officers also. 90 gazetted medical officers in Yavatmal have resigned from their service, because of the continuous irresponsible behavior by the Collector and other admin officers, IMA Maharashtra State has a similar experience. The administrative officers are behaving badly with the private doctors as well.”Say’s Dr Bhondve Avinash Maharashtra, President, IMA
“IMA Supports the agitation by MAGMO- the official association of Govt Medical Officers in Maharashtra”.he adds

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