AIIMS resident doctors take out candle light march for demanding justice in Hathras case

In solidarity, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Resident Doctors Association has done candlelight march at AIIMS for demanding justice in Hathras case.

According to the Resident Doctors Association Statement “Today, when the world unites to fight grappling situation of the pandemic, COVID-19, here do we stand as Indians, who seek more interested in offending their own fellow countrymen. It is not just the woman who is raped that dies inside, the entire family instead. This is a horrifying event that can ever happen to your daughter, mother, sister, or friend who belongs to the female gender.”

“In the present scenario of struggle to fight for life, we ought to help each other more, stand with each other, and be a support to anyone and everyone. I urge each and every person of my country to stand together in this fight for justice. In this regard, we, at AIIMS, New Delhi, had marched to Gate No. 1 as we stand in solidarity with the rape victims seeking justice for them.” Statement further adds

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