by Dr. Ritu Sethi

Article By: Dr Ritu Sethi, Senior Consultant- Gynaecology, Cloud Nine Hospital, Sector 14 Gurgaon and Apex Clinic, Sector 31, Gurgaon

As we are all aware, the months of July to September is the time when humidity is at its peak causing onset of many skin problems causing great discomfort to most.

In my 20 years of practice as a gynecologist, I have noticed the particular onset of rashes  ,itching and discomfort in most women in their intimate areas in this weather. The most common reason for this is high humidity which leads to thriving bacterial and fungal infections.

Most women complain of itchiness causing them discomfort to this extent that they are unable to even sleep at night and carry out their daily office and household chores.

Extreme wetness due to wearing of synthetic underclothes, improperly dried undergarments or keeping poor personal hygiene are the most common underlying reasons. If one is overweight or obese ,one tends to sweat even more which aggravates the condition.

Also women with preexisting diabetes are more predisposed to this condition because thrush and bacterial infections tend to thrive in uncontrolled diabetes. In diabetes, the ph of the vagina is altered due to which common fungi on the skin like thrush grow in copious amount causing severe infections .Lack of adequate fluid intake, physical activity and intake of diet which does not have adequate fruits and veggies leads to growth of harmful bacteria on the skin which in extreme cases even lead to foul odor and skin discolouration in many instances.

The only way to prevent this problem of itching and rashes in females is by wearing dry, loose and cotton underclothes. Keeping blood sugar under strict control , maintaining  weight and taking a healthy well balanced diet with daily physical activity can prevent this condition from happening. OVER THE COUNTER INTIMATE WASHES AND OINTMENTS DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD, SO BEFORE REACHING OUT FOR YOUR ATTRACTIVELY PACKAGED JAR AT YOUR LOCAL CHEMIST, make sure you are doing the above.

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