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5 Amazing benefits of morning meditation by a yoga expert

by Pragati Singh

The practise of meditation aids in bringing your body and mind into harmony. A person can be more productive thanks to the mental clarity, tranquilly, and focus that meditation provides. According to Yoga Guru, Naturotherapist, and Founder of Yoga Sanjivani & Boonwellness Dr. Surender Choudhary, you should get the greatest benefits if you meditate
in the morning.

1. Lessens tension

The stillness we experience while meditation frees us from all stressors and keeps us connected to a profound inner serenity. Morning meditation helps to bring about the serenity and quiet required to reduce stress. Open-air morning meditation encourages physical, mental, and psychological wellness.

2. Increases immunity

There are numerous positive advantages of yoga and meditation on both physical and mental health. In addition to nutrition, our mental health also affects our immunity. When our mental health is strong, our physical health also improves. When you breathe in the fresh morning air while practising meditation, it helps to boost your immune system. The health advantages of breathing exercises after meditation are doubled.

3. Good for peaceful sleep

A healthy mind and body depend on getting enough sleep. Your ability to function at work and in your personal life may suffer if you don't get enough sleep at night.

You may get better sleep if you meditate in the morning. Your heart rate is under control and your stress levels are reduced when you meditate. Meditation in savasana (Yognidra) is particularly beneficial for getting better rest. Additionally, you can do this right before bed to aid in a restful night's sleep.

4. Increases productivity

Working professionals may find benefits from morning meditation. You must begin morning meditation if you feel less productive. Meditation eases daily tension and anxiety while assisting with present-moment attention. Working professionals benefit from increased awareness and self-assurance from meditation.

Additionally, you can meditate when you’re feeling anxious or exhausted. This would aid in lowering stress levels and improving focus.

5. Beneficial for reducing anxiety

Your personal and social life may be impacted by anxiety. However, mindfulness meditation may be your greatest option for treating stress and anxiety because of the unique ways that various meditation techniques affect the brain. One of the best methods for assisting people in managing their anxiety is meditation.

Whenever you get anxiety, take some time to meditate. Additionally, practising breathing
techniques significantly reduces anxiety.

In all, morning meditation is a fantastic approach to enhance general wellness. You feel more
relaxed, energised, and focused as a result. As a result, morning meditation increases

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