SARS-CoV-2,Covid 19 and Mental Health

Dr Narendra Saini

Cases : 33,552,145 deaths 1,006,379 USA : Cases 7,361,611 death 209,808
India : Cases 6,145,291
death :96,351
Brazil : cases 4,748,327 deaths 142,161 (worldometer)

COVID-19 and mental health
The COVID-19 pandemic has effected not only people’s physical health but also their mental health. Some of those who recovered from the initial virus effects continue to suffer long-term symptoms that are yet to be fully understood.Study has found a significant rise in people searching Google for anxiety symptoms during the pandemic. Google searches for ‘worry,’ ‘anxiety,’ and therapeutic techniques to manage worry and anxiety have increased during the pandemic.Mental health experts are saying there is significant increase in other mental health  such as depression, loneliness, suicidal ideation,community violence, and complex bereavement.For each person that dies of COVID, approximately nine close family members are affected, and people will carry that grief for a long time.”said Dr Michael Hoerger
Readers experience
No one is safe until everyone is safe.
Wear mask, maintain physical distance, wash hands and be smart about crowds,
face coverings (nose & mouth) should be part of new normal.

Smoking in any form at this time should be banned in public places as it may increase the spread of virus

Teamwork and feeling of openness is important for winning this Corona war


Dr Narendra Saini
Chairman Scientific
committee DMC
Chairman AMR committee IMA Hq
Past Sec Gen IMA
Director SAINI DIAGNOSTICS ICMR approved lab for RTPCR testing

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