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5 workout tips to keep you motivated in cold weather

by Vaishali Sharma

Even the most devoted athletes may find it more difficult to get outside during the winter to jog or work out than they do when it’s bright and beautiful outside.

Exercise regimens might be seriously disrupted by this season. In addition to making us more slothful, the winter months slow down weight loss because we sweat less. Follow these suggestions on how to motivate yourself to stay active when the weather gets colder if your aim is to remove as many barriers as you can and make small changes that can make staying active easier until warmer times arrive.

Stretching indoors

Practising stretching inside can help increase your body temperature before you step out to work out. This helps reduce feeling cold as soon as you leave your house. Do some brisk stretches before wearing your cold-weather clothing.

Right activewear

In a humid climate, people opt for cotton clothing as it absorbs moisture (sweat). But in winter, you want to avoid that because if your clothes are soaked in moisture, it will leave you feeling colder. So go for sports clothing made from cotton-mix or synthetic fibre since they soak 50 per cent less moisture compared to cotton.

Pump the jams

Make a pump-up mix or find a groovy one on Spotify. Whether you’re feeling ’90s hip-hop or the Encanto soundtrack, exercising to your favourite tunes will help you get more out of your workout both mentally and physically.

Set a goal

Try setting a goal for the warmer weather months. Maybe there is a race you want to run in early spring. Or maybe you have a vacation coming up and want to be ready to hike long distances. Knowing your goal is just around the corner can keep you motivated during the winter months.

Workout with companion

Working out can be much more fun if you are bound to see a friend or workout partner whose company you enjoy. Furthermore, you are less likely to skip working out when you are aware someone is looking forward to seeing you because you committed to seeing them.

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