Diabetic neuropathy may damage your legs and feet, know more here

Type 2  Diabetes symptoms 

Diabetes Type 2 is a state of unstable blood sugar levels. It’s a state where insulin produce is not enough or opposed by the body. It is very difficult for a diabetic to manage blood sugar level, which can cause damage to other body parts which includes nerve damage.

Effects of high blood sugar to the nervous system 

Diabetic neuropathy usually damages nerves in your legs and feet. The symptoms are different for individuals, where some can experience mild symptoms to others it can cause great discomfort. Problems in digestive issues, urinary tract, blood tract and heart are some of the symptoms. The symptoms starts to appear slowly but can be controlled by managing blood sugar level.

Peripheral neuropathy also known as distal symmetric peripheral neuropathy  is the most common type of neuropathy. Symptoms may include -Numbness or reduced ability to feel temperature changes-Tingling or burning sensation-Sharp pains -Increased sensitivity -Foot problems, such as ulcers, infections, and bone and joint pain.

Stages diabetes neuropathy

According to the American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM), there are three stages to neuropathy.

First stage : The symptoms are understated in this stage and can be left unnoticeable by the person. They may feel only some discomfort in the feet.

Second stage : The symptoms are more clearly noticed in this stage as the pain grows and becomes regular in this stage making it difficult to walk or perform other activities.

Third stage : This is the most severe stage where the pain starts to decrease  as you start losing your pain sensation which indicates dying of the nerve cells. Hence, the risk of tissue injury increases.


The primary treatment for this would be to eat healthy food and exercise which will help to manage blood sugar level. Check your blood sugar level daily and take medicines prescribed by the doctor.

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