Protecting yourself from Stress during Coronavirus

By Praveshh Gaur, mental health expert and Founder & CEO, Srauta Wellness

Listen To Expert For Protecting Your Psychological Profile Under Pandemic Stress

No social gatherings, schools, offices and market places have been so dull ever before. Since due to the pandemic stroke our lives, from the past several months have been completely had become a roller coaster ride without any pause. Even after almost one year of onset of the deadly corona virus, world is still not certain about vaccination against covid-19 virus. In such scenario, stress and anxiety are inevitable.

Different studies and surveys bring out highly alarming figures for the mental health experts across India. People who were earlier having mild anxiety have reached the scale of moderate and severe. Astoundingly, millions of people give weightage to physical health over mental wellness. However, these both are equally important on any given day. Pondering how you can keep your brain empty of trash like concerns regarding family’s health, joblessness, financial crisis and more? We have got you saved while streamlining some of the best ways to secure your mental health in this high-tension corona environment.

Battling Against Prolonged Stress and Anxiety of Corona Virus

The dread of contacting the lethal corona virus is widespread. It may sound bewildering to choose a healthy mental status over anxious minds. But it is much easier and convenient to implement than to talk about it. Please try all of these at home:

Ø Switch Off Your Television Set (for sometime) – Believe it or not nothing is going to change if you stay un-tuned to the news update for an evening or a couple of days. Your freaking mind deserves some break from all the pandemic related news.

Ø Recognize Your Inner Voice- How long it has been since you heard yourself. Your soul is willing to talk to you. Get connected through short meditation sessions and take up some breathing exercises. It will not only help you regain your sanity but it is good for your lungs too which are ought to be the primary target of Covid virus.

Ø Re-establish Your Nature Connect- Some people enjoy looking at chirping birds while others feel lively when they look at flowing water. Mother Nature is always caring towards human. You were likely out of touch but it is the best time to get reconnected in a way you like it most. Start watering plants, sing to them or look at the greenery around. You may also take up the VR aids if you don’t have much around to experience naturally.

Ø Play around with kids- Coping with stress cannot get better than having kids around. Involve yourself with kids as much as you can. They can be your constant source of energy and positivity. Children hardly know to give up and remind you of moral stories you read in your childhood days. Don’t have kids in family or you are single? Never mind bring home a furry family member. They are equally cute.

Ø Laugh It Out- Do you remember when did you smile last? Times are already tough, stop punishing your-self by not smiling or enjoying life. People who have habit of making others happy can never go in depression. Share silly jokes or laugh inorganically, it will be still better than not laughing at all.

Ø Help Others- Do not forget that you are not alone in this mess. There are many people who are suffering badly than you could even think. Reach out to other people those in need. There can be an elderly couple in your neighborhood seeking assistance for visiting their doctor, or it can be a pregnant woman passing by your lane with a heavy bag, a small act of kindness would definitely help you feel human and alive.

Maintaining Mental Health Profile During Pandemic Is Crucial

Insecurity and lack of confidence are so common these days with tons of people losing their jobs or facing heavy losses in their business. Forced to live life like caged animals as pandemic curve is soaring high outside, people are losing their cool and giving up easily to depression and stress.

Mental health experts are highly concerned that the situation may get worsen in the coming months. Due to change in day-to-day life routine, dropped monthly incomes, managing household chores together with job and kids is actually taking a toll over many lives. Getting accustomed to new normal is the only way out.

It is vital to get hold of your mental health and physical fitness along with taking necessary precautions against the virus for your family and society, both. It is understood that stress is in the air but so is life.

Takeaway:Everyone out there reading this article should commit to lead a normal life amidst stress and anxiety prevailing around so that they have an improved immunity and overall better health status. Overthinking or taking unnecessary stress about all what is there in news can be overbearing for many amongst us. Stop before it is late, instead, focus on the blessings in your life and tell yourself that this shall too pass.

The writer is a Mental Health Expert, Founder & CEO, Srauta Wellness

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